For Wonderful Life

We will provide services that are close to our customers in our daily lives
and will contribute to deliver a wonderful everyday.


Making your daily lives enjoyable.

"Itoman contributes to customers' wonderful daily lives through pursuing our employees' happiness."
This year marked the 140th anniversary, and we have decided to renew our management principles.
During these changing times, we have asked ourselves, "what's our goal?" To find the answer, we looked back our history and thought about what our roles are in the community. It took two years to put our thoughts together, and we finally decided upon a new set of management principles. Our mission is to bring this vision to reality and contribute to the local community by creating positions of employment. By achieving the satisfaction of our employees, we will raise the quality of our service to our customers.

Itoman aims to achieve steady growth for the next 10 years. Our core products include: quality paper for professional and personal use and gifts We have launched new medical products, and we soon plan to expand our areas of business to agriculture. We plan to fulfill the various demands from corporations while continuing to develop these four business areas. We would like to meet customers' demands by making a constant effort to review our ideas while producing new and original consumer products which meet the needs of their daily lives.

Throughout the country, the decreasing birth rate and aging population continue to accelerate and are changing Japan's social structure. With the willpower to confront these unprecedented problems and build better, enriched lives for people, we'd like to share this burden and contribute to the local society. As always, we thank you for your long time reliance, and with this responsibility we will begin new challenges. May your daily lives be full of joy and excitement.

President of ITOMAN Co., Ltd
Shunichiro Ito


Itoman contributes to customers' wonderful daily lives through pursuing our employees' happiness.

If every employee who works for Itoman feels happiness, we think it makes our customers and coworkers happy, too.
In this respect, these feelings will contribute to making every customer's daily lives wonderful.

We define it as, "being full of love". It is the willingness to help someone, and after having done so, they feel pleasure as a result. If one feels happy, delighted, smiling, excited or enjoyment in something, we think they can make other people share these same feelings.
Wonderful Daily Lives
Of course, it means that customers' daily lives are delightful, but we specially define it as a condition in which our customers feel comfort, joy, and brand confidence through the use of our consumer products and services in their everyday lives.
Itoman hopes to be involved with the creation and sharing of happiness together with you.

About Us


Company name ITOMAN Co., Ltd
Address 681 Kinseicho Shimobun, Shikokuchuo, Ehime, Japan 799-0111
Representative Shunichiro Ito
Corporation establishment Founded in 1877
ITOMAN Seishi Paper Co., Ltd. established in September, 1961
The company name changed to ITOMAN Co., Ltd.
Capital 240 million yen
Number of employees The number of employees:165 (As of the end of August, 2016)
Including 5 Executives: (Full-time:3, Part-time:2)
Operations Manufacture and sales of sanitary paper (household paper), mainly made from recycled paper pulp
Affiliated companies ITOMAN Retail Co., Ltd
Ehime Pulp Cooperative
AINET Co., Ltd
Main Products Toilet Paper/Tissue Paper/Paper towels/Chirigami toilet tissue/Gift items based on household paper/Toilet seat paper/Tea bags/Others
ISO certification ISO certificationAcquired Environmental Management System (2004〜)

Organization ChartAs of September 1.2017

Organization Chart



The founder, Masasuke Ito, starts manufacturing of handmade Japanese paper

ITOMAN Seishi Co., Ltd. is established and sheet forming of toilet paper begins by installing the No.1 paper machine
1963   Due to the increase in demand, No.2 paper machine is installed and manufacturing capacity tripled
Sankyo Shiki Industry Co., Ltd. is established and Toshitsugu Ito takes office as Representative Director
1966   Installment of a newly produced No.3 paper machine.

Certification as a JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) mill
1969   Wins Small and Medium Enterprise Director-General Award and becomes rationalized prime factory. Newly produced No.5 paper machine is installed.

Newly produced No.6 paper machine is installed
Company name is changed from Sankyo Shiki Industry Co., Ltd. to ITOMAN Industry Co., Ltd

Begins purchase of recycled paper pulp along with the completion of Ehime Pulp Cooperative

No.7 Paper machine, the largest in the household paper industry, is installed and modern, fully air-conditioned finishing factory is completed

Tissue paper processing machine is installed and production of carton tissue begins

Company name is changed to ITOMAN Co., Ltd. and ITOMAN Industry Co., Ltd. and the Trademark is renewed.(top photo)
No.2 machine is scrapped and a new high-speed No.2 paper machine is installed(photo below)
1984   No.7 machine scrapped and a new high-speed No.7 paper machine is installed
1985   Manufacture of embossed toilet paper begins

Sales of tea bag and toilet sheet paper begins along with the establishment of Subaru Co., Ltd.

Computerization in many areas and rationalization of distribution is promoted along with the establishment of AINET Co., Ltd.

Production of CORESELF (coreless toilet paper) begins

No.3 machine is scrapped and a new high-speed No.3 machine is installed
Sales of paper towels (soft type) begins(top photo)
Sales of paper towels (hard type) begins
Production of “Monalis” (Main materials: milk carton pulp) begins(photo below)
1998   Wins Environmental-friendly Business Prize from Governor of Hyogo Pref.

Production of printed products begins
2001   ITOMAN and ITOMAN Industry are merged
2004   ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification (Screening and registration)
Management principle is renewed and the new theme of the company is decided as “Recycle & Happy Life”
Shunichiro Ito takes office as President

Product Development Office is established
Renovation of tissue paper manufacturing line at Kinsei Mill (top photo)
Launch of gift business (production of Christmas products for the first time) (photo below)

Operation at Shimogashiwa Mill begins
2007   Future Business Promotion Committee is inaugurated

Tokyo Branch Office is established
Joins Zakka (Sundries) EXPO GIFTEX (photo)
2009   Elected as one of the 1,400 best job-creating companies by the Ministry of Trade, Economy, and Industry.
2010   Environmental philosophy is renewed.
Sales and Distribution Division are united and renamed Marketing Headquarters

Photovoltaic (PV) power generation system is installed at Kinsei Mill
Marketing Headquarters moves to Osaka Sales Office along with relocation of Osaka Office
Tokyo Branch Office is relocated and promoted to Tokyo Sales Office
Renewal of Monalis brand (photo below).
Elected as one of "The 50 Best Companies in Which Ehime Takes Pride" by Ehime prefecture.

ITOMAN is certified as Excellent Cycloid Type Office by Ehime Pref.
Launch of medical business. (Sales of sheets for taking stool samples begins)

ITOMAN RETAIL Co., Ltd. is established(top photo)
Renewal of Itoman brand. (photo below)

ITOMAN wins “The first EHIME FURUSATO Environmental Grand Prize” from Japan Committee for Economic Development in Ehime(top photo)
Sales of Japan Feeling brand launched. (middle photo)
Sales of Kokoemi brand launched. (photo below)

Carry out the Management philosophy and CI update(photo top)
Renamed the title of the enterprise location from “place of business” to “office”
Yokohama DC opened
Sales of 200m long toilet paper rolls begin. (photo below)

Itoman receives the Energy Management Factory & Building Excellence award presented by the Shikoku Bureau of Economy, Trade, and Industry.