Japan Feeling






Japan Feeling

Japan Feeling
This is a brand which can give everyone a feeling of “Japan”

Our products, which are particular about “memorable Japan-ness” unique to Itoman, will
impress everyone who visits Japan from across the ocean.

Also, we aim at being a brand that spreads it’s excitement throughout the world.


8 kinds of scents unique to Japan
which bring back the memory of travel.

The human sense of smell is said to connect
with memory most deeply.
We provide 8 kinds of scents unique to Japan
to make you feel “I want to travel Japan again”
after getting back from travel.


Paper products made carefully in
“Paper Town” of Japan.

The toilet paper made in “the Paper Town, Shikokuchuo-shi in Ehime” is the proud “Made in Japan”
product made of eco-friendly 100 percent recycled pulp.
Please experience the respectful manufacturing of Japan.


The design enhances the sense of Japan
by sight and feel.

With the texture and feel of Japanese paper packaging, along with the traditional Japanese “family crest”, you can get a sense of Japanese atmosphere not only by scent but by sight and touch as well.

Itoman = A paper company?

Our company, Itoman Co. Ltd., was established in 1877.
We have more than 100 years of history.
From the beginning,
we have dealt with “paper” and we are making products with a focus on toilet papers, tissue papers,
and paper towels with an aim to contribute to your comfortable lives.



沖 のりこ

After she became independent as an illustrator in 2003, she entered the family crest world by getting the chance to work on creating a family crest.
She presently deals with family crests of ordinary households, company crests (logos) and also researches family crests.

This time, the family crests of the first product toilet paper 8 kinds were designed by Oki Noriko.