Personal Principles Recipe of Itoman's strategy Business plan

Personal Principles

1We will work faithfully and make correct judgments and actions.
Continuously show our appreciation, as well as sincerely work hard for our customers, clients, stockholders, and the community, so that we can make ourselves happy. In many cases, what's considered “right” differs based on viewpoint, situation, and background, so it is necessary to make the right judgment from a consistent way of thinking. And so, it is important to trust that decision and execute it. Let's do it with confidence.
2We learn how to learn, and aim for steady growth.
Our growth will be a driving force to create new value and lead to making our customers and colleagues happy. It is such a growth you will be able to do the things today that just yesterday you were unable to do. It is not about competing for absolute value. Rather than focus on great abilities that are only temporary, we want to value growth that slowly but surely continues to grow. Our growth is realized by learning. The opportunity comes equally at all times and places. To learn how to learn is to find opportunities that suits yourself by only raising your own consciousness and behavior a little. We think having a learning attitude is a clue to find such opportunities.
3We put our heart into having a role and achieve results.
We believe that fulfilling the role undertaken is fundamental to teamwork. We think everyone can understand their own roles by considering what is expected, listening, understanding the overall goals. We hope everyone can feel the pleasure of knowing their own roles and being able to contribute. Each person's participation leads to the whole achievement. At the same time, we think that it is also an important role to support people who challenge, or need your support. It is important to keep a strong heart to achieve, never give up the goal you made.
4We are going to start a new challenge, as we change our business environment.
Our business environment is changing with the times, and makes new demands and tasks. It is important to see changes and challenges not as negatives, but as opportunities to grow and take it as our energy. We are expected to have a new effort which differs from the past. And, we want to have a “First I will try” kind of atmosphere. Achievement comes from a continuation of failure. Let's listen to the request of the customers and take action.
5We are going to form our ideas and deliver our original products.
“Someone's idea makes someone else happy.” We want to contribute to our customers with our original unique products. At the same time, we hope customers can feel a new daily life through the new products we continuously suggest. As a manufacturing company, it is important to keep proposing new products which customers can look forward to a next product, to cultivate a skill to form a new idea.

[Recipe of Itoman's strategy]

  • Based on growth strategy with job creation.
  • Employ a person who takes pleasure in helping others.
  • Our customers are a corporation.
  • Composed of 4 divisions with 4 categories each.
  • Aim for the best in Japan in each division.(segmentalized division)
  • Provide consumer products necessary for a life.
  • The rate of increase employment, more than 1% less than 5%.
  • The rate of ordinary profit, more than 3%.
  • The rate of sales growth, less than 10%.
  • Head for the retail industry average plus more than 10%.
  • Keep looking for business after 10 years.
  • Try our luck with continuous new products.

[Business plan]

Three-year long challenge 〜August,2020-August,2022〜
To bring unprecedented product!
3 years of challenge to produce unique new products , increase capital to enhance production, and strengthen logistics while maintaining the system that leads sales of the whole business with the support of promoting medical business and strengthening existing business