Privacy Policy

ITOMAN Co., Ltd. ("ITOMAN") recognizes that protecting personal information, which is obtained from all those who provide their personal information ("customer"), appropriately is an important responsibility and have set the following as a policy on the handling and protection of sensitive personal information.

1. Collection of Personal Information

In cases where ITOMAN requests customers to provide their personal information, we will state the purpose of use of the personal information in advance (hereafter called the purpose of use).

2. Management of Personal Information

ITOMAN will strictly implement security management within an appropriate environment in accordance with related laws, guidelines or internal rules in order to prevent leakage, manipulation, loss or the use other than for intended purposes of personal information. As for the appropriate handling of personal information, ITOMAN will establish internal rules for our employees and educate them properly.

4. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

ITOMAN will never disclose personal information to any third party except in the following cases
1) When there is prior consent of the customer
2) When the disclosure is conducted as “statistical data” by which an individual cannot be distinguished
3) When ITOMAN discloses personal information within the scope necessary for achievement of the purpose of use with cooperative partners and outsourcing contractors which have the obligation of security protection
4) When ITOMAN discloses personal information to cooperative partners or outsourcing contractors because we rationally believe that an answer from them is appropriate judging from the content of inquiries or requests for information materials
5) When the disclosure to a third party is admitted by related laws and guidelines
6) When it is disclosed by order from administration of justice or an administrative body based on the law When ITOMAN receives a request for disclosure, correction, or amendment of personal information by persons themselves, we will swiftly endeavor to deal with the matter in accordance with the designated procedures of our company.At that time, please cooperate to confirm that the request is from the customers themselves

5. Handling of Comments or Requests

As for comments or requests from customers, ITOMAN may use them freely unless there are specific restrictions on the purpose of use In cases where ITOMAN discloses comments or requests to a third party under the condition by which an individual can be distinguished, we will ask customers for prior consent.

6. Compliance with Related Laws

ITOMAN will comply with related laws which are applied regarding individual information or internal regulations decided by our company.